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The Art of Music Foundation was established in 2008 with a mission to promote the performance and appreciation of art music in Kenya and to use it’s transformative power to change lives, particularly of those living in underprivileged areas of the country. The foundation exists to use music to make a difference in the lives of young Kenyans. We believe art music, with its traditions of structure, discipline and excellence, can offer a great awakening and opportunity to a broad spectrum of Kenyan youth.

The foundation focuses on three programmes. First is the Ghetto Classics programme based in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Nairobi, Korogocho. The second is a musical and leadership training programme, The National Youth Orchestra of Kenya, a music ensemble that brings together talented young musicians from all walks of life in the country. The foundation is also a key stakeholder in the art music scene in Kenya and is often involved in hosting, funding and organising numerous musical events and trainings throughout the year. And third is the Safaricom Youth Orchestra.